Why Shaadi Squad?

Shaadi Squad was started with one point of focus- to create the most stunning weddings and to bring forth new ideas and vigour. We cater to the new age couples, curating intimate boutique weddings. Your wedding is your day, it’s your princess moment; your fairy tale. We’re here to bring it to life, make sure all your ideas get a voice and materialise.

What is the Squad strength? Do you also travel in case of destination weddings?

Our squad’s core team consists of 7 professionals. Depending on the size and scale of the wedding, we determine our team size for each wedding. This also involves working with team members outside of our organisation who are not exclusively tied up with a particular wedding planning agency. We refer to them as “permanent freelancers”
Yes, we travel extensively both within and outside of India for destination weddings.

We are not based in Mumbai, and nor is our wedding in Mumbai. How can we work with you in this case?

Wedding planing is a lot about co- ordination. If and when our client is based outside Mumbai, we make it a point to fly to wherever they are based out of to meet them before officially signing off. It’s always good to put a face against the process and also to better understand your requirements. Then emails, WhatsApp groups, phone conversations come in handy and do the job pretty accurately!

How much in advance do I need to book you?

While different weddings require different preparation timelines, approximately 6 months a good time frame to book us. This is provided you have your wedding venue in place. If that is not the case, then 8- 10 months prior is a good window to book us.

Is decor a part of your fee? What are the services you provide?

Currently, we operate as wedding planners solely and outsource decor to multiple and varied decor companies basis venue, client brief and budgets at hand. Having said this, we ensure we are on top of every decor related decision and communication and drive this service forward in tandem with the wedding decor company. Some of our key services include guest management and hospitality, logistics and all travel related guest services, identifying venues/destinations, budget management, vendor identification and co- ordination and on ground execution. To get more details pertaining to our services, please see what we have to offer here. “Our Services”

How many weddings do you take up at a time?

As we are a boutique wedding planning company, our focus is always on executing one wedding event at a time. We consciously try to avoid taking up weddings too close to each other just so that we can work to our full capability.

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